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Small Business Banking Packages

Whether you are an entrepreneur with a great idea just starting out, or have been running a small business for years; our goal is to make sure you have the support you need to survive, succeed and grow. There are many challenges to face when running a small business, but managing your everyday banking needs shouldn’t be one of them.

PBS Business Banking offers you all the usual things you’d expect from any bank – a business debit card, cheque book, online banking and a range of savings and borrowing services – nonetheless, you’ll also find we offer quite a bit more; like a Small Business Banker who is dedicated to supporting you and your business.

We can also provide you with access to networking events, best practice seminars, award winning business management software, business skills, training courses and much more.

For loans under $100,000, you can apply at Engineering Funds and your protection could begin right away. Coverage is also available on loans up to $500,000.

It’s a sensible solution when:

  • New borrowing and increased debt raises your risk of financial loss.
  • Family responsibilities rely on income from your business.
  • Business partners share business debts equally.
  • Losing a partner’s profit producing ability raises financial concerns.
Professional and Career Development Loan

A Professional and Career Development Loan from The Engineering Funds Bank helps to finance your studies and improve your career prospects.

Borrow between $300 and $10,000 helping you fund a course to improve your career prospects and earning potential

The government pays the interest during your studies

Repay your Professional and Career Development Loan over 1 to 5 years, only paying it back after you’ve completed your course

Enjoy fixed repayments on your Professional and Career Development Loan

To apply, call 0800 100 900 (Call charges).

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